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Our programs outlined below could help guide your next steps. We can help you find your direction, identify the careers that are the best fit for you, and will provide the education, experiences, and strategies you need to land that dream career. The right choice can lead to a lifetime of happiness, satisfaction, and reward.  

Engagements are purposefully designed to help:  

  • students identify their dream career
  • educate on the job field requirements
  • set goal, build plans, and take action


Career Development

Program helps to turn interests into talents as potential increase. Learning what you are gifted as a youth is life changing and a cornerstone for living best life in work and life.

  • Building rapport
  • Administer assessments
  • Results briefings
  • Job interests identified
  • Industry resources access
  • SMART goal setting
  • Career plan development
  • Coaching virtually

College Readiness Development

  • Designed for Youth with ADHD and executive function needs
  • Time management and organizing skill-building
  • Our program is designed for intermediate and high-school students
  • Length of program is customized based on initial assessed level of readiness
  • Partnership with parents, teachers, counselors and significant others are encouraged to team up with coach for best results

NOTE: These services may be tax-deductible under professional development, college prepping, or job search expenses. Inquire with your tax preparer.